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Jewellery by Ellé Charlotte

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

written by Ellé Owens, Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur

Photo : Ellé Owens, Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur

AUSTRALIA - Since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with jewellery. I would admire my Nan with a ring on every finger, rummaging through her jewellery box as she told me stories about where she got each ring from, or whether it was one passed down from her Grandma.

Every piece seemed to have a story. My mum was never without her favourite big retro gold hoops, and I remember as a baby I would want to reach out and hang on. I was drawn to anything sparkly and that addiction has never died down.

Now at 25 years of age, I appreciate the special memories each piece of jewellery can hold, from a passed down heirloom, to a new memory made from a gift given from a loved one. I wanted to create an affordable luxury brand, made from quality materials that will last the test of time, but still be on trend with the fashion of today.

Using high quality Gold Filled and Sterling Silver, Jewellery By Ellé Charlotte is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant, to wear occasion after occasion, year after year.

Creating unique fashion forward designs, partnered with semi precious stones such as quartz and aventurine to give it that modern edge and authenticity.

I started my label in 2017, it started of as more costume jewellery with materials I could find from local stores or online websites. My materials were inexpensive, so I could play and discover my favourite designs and practice my skills.

Over the next few years it was tough, as the product I was making still did not sing to me, they tarnished after a few wears, just like similar fast fashion labels in within the same price point. Looking back into my jewellery box filled with nan’s exquisite rings and chains, each with decades of wear were all still in great condition. That was it.

I wanted to give that feeling to my customers, I want my customers to pull my jewellery out and tell their daughters stories about these special earrings they wore to certain occasions.

But, being in a low income full time job I understood the struggle of wanting to by solid gold and not being able to afford it. I hated the fact I would spend money on costume jewellery that would tarnish after one wear and I felt like it was a waste of money.

So, I wanted to create a brand that would be the middle ground. Creating statement jewellery that is unique and fashion forward, that would last wear after wear. I launched my current collection ’Ikigai ‘which is Japanese for ‘finding your purpose in life‘.

Using high quality materials and natural stones, such as jade and rose quartz tying into the Japanese inspiration. I ended up shooting all new imagery for my brand in Tokyo on a trip, and relaunched my website with a new look.