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The Brilliant Foundation

Our Story and Ethos

memores acti prudentes futuri 

- mindful of what has been done, aware of what will be -

The Brilliant Foundation was established to bridge an existing gap between academic writing and the world of professionals and individuals with multi-faceted life experiences. The Brilliant Foundation is a space for professionals and non-academic individuals to have a voice for their thoughts, insights, opinions and reflections.


It is a platform for the older generation to give back to the younger cohort and future leaders, a go-to-place to understand the life challenges from these human life stories. Hopefully, these stories resonate and connect with the youth, providing insight to make better decisions in their life and career choices.

From the mature tribe,  we love to hear from your energetic life story, your positive challenges and decisions that you have made from teenage years, academic life, working life, your chosen career in sports, arts, music, drama, health, education, business or science. Share your personal life - be it embracing parenthood or remaining single. Share your thoughts of how you have created, grown and how you are continuing to learn and give. 

For the young ones who are currently working or studying, if you would like to participate, write and offer your life perspectives and experiences. We love to hear your story too.

In our giving, we are hoping to create a global online community that nurtures self-awareness, leadership, creativity, life-long learning, kindness and respect.

If  you have a brilliant moment or piece to share with us, join us at The Brilliant Foundation. 


Opinion Pieces

Thought Leadership, Decision Making, Business, Reflection, Insight, Coaching, Mentoring.


Humanities & The Arts

Ethics, Music, Religion, Crime, Philosophy, Design, Anthropology, Languages, Performing Arts, Law, Geography, Politics, History, International Relations, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Literature.


Life Values & Community

Humanity, Kindness, Heartfelt, Giving, Disability Challenges, Parenthood, Values, Integrity, Moral Fibre, Loyalty, Respect


Science and Innovation

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Innovation, Technology, Research & Development, STEM, Entrepreneur, Start-Up


Environment & Sustainability

Nature, Environment, Recycling,

Contamination, Carbon, Water Ways, Climate Change


Health Sciences 

Medicine, Sports, COVID-19, Medical Imagery, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Dentistry, Paramedicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Pathology



Business, Commerce, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Public Relations.


Brilliant Book Club

List of Books to Read and Open Your Mind to Brilliance

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