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Our Portfolio of services carry forward our proposition- An opportunity to give back. An opportunity to step forward. These projects allow industry thought leaders to shape a program to incite change in the community, leaving a meaningful legacy. Working with our community partners and Founding Members, The Brilliant Foundations' outreach projects assist anyone, wherever they are on their journey, in communications, branding and purpose driven initiatives.



Life Story

Our Life Story and Publishing portfolio is the starting point to learning and giving. With contributions from across the globe, it's a go-to-place for students and young professionals to learn from the mentors in our community.


Brand Development

In this day and age, to excel in a freelance or corporate career, a personal brand is of the utmost importance. Working with mentors and consultants, The Brilliant Foundation offers Brand Development services to help spotlight youths and people wanting to give back.



Our outreach programs allow us to give back to the cohort of future leaders, by assisting them on their personal and career journey. Our Founding Members shape the direction of these programs, focusing on their areas of expertise, and the needs of our community.



Events at The Brilliant Foundation create the valuable connections between individuals that our community thrives upon. Events allow us to showcase the works and ideas of our members, bringing them into the limelight as a professional. It is about connecting and nurturing relationships.


Meaningful Social Marketing

This outreach project gives those who share our values and traditionally could not access mainstream media, the opportunity to market their business or cause in a truly meaningful way. The unique Vox Pop interview format of our meaningful social marketing program, gives individuals and ideals the opportunity to shine across our platforms and on the world stage. The campaigns we create give rise to the human connections which not only carries on The Brilliant Foundations vision, but also generates business and awareness for those that we work with.

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