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e-Book : A Collection of Life Stories Volume One 2023

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

by Dr Renée Ralph and Alrick Dorett, Co-Founders, The Brilliant Foundation

Click on link to access complimentary e-Book titled A Collection of Life Stories - Volume One 2023

Co-Founders , Dr Renée Ralph and Alrick Dorett are pleased to present our inaugural e-book : A Collection of Life Stories Volume One 2023.

Our mission is to support the youth and younger generation with an inspiring

platform of life stories, in the view of offering alternative outlook of lives lived. When

we were younger, we realised that if we had a mentor early on in our lives, perhaps,

our careers and personal lives may have turned out differently.

Instead of learning by experience, we would have insights from established

professionals, mentors or coaches that could have help provide a different decision

making perspective in our lives and careers.

The Brilliant Foundation is a social enterprise celebrating ordinary individuals who

have dealt with lives extraordinary challenges. It seeks to do things differently by

recognising that change can be made by the youth and old when they collaborate


Earlier this year in March, The Brilliant Foundation held its inaugural music event “The

Music That Moves Us” in partnership with Local & Aesthetic and Foundation of

Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) to raise funds for First Nations. WAAPA

graduates and Perth musicians came together, hand-in-hand to support a worthwhile

cause. It was a successful event with full house attendance that took a year of organising with music rehearsals included. It was so good to have so many young ones and musicians


The Brilliant Foundation has held complimentary sundowners for undergraduates for

the past three years. The youth and students have listened to industry guest speakers

and academics; widened their networks and engaged with professionals in a

comfortable venue overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Click on link to access complimentary e-Book titled A Collection of Life Stories - Volume One 2023

In building our global brilliant community, we have reached countries across the world

including France, United States, China, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Philippines,

Vietnam, Malaysia, and of course, Singapore and Australia.

Over the years, we are extremely grateful for individuals who have authored their life stories or shared with us. It is our belief that every contribution has somehow helped the youth or hopefully, resonated with us, as individuals to do better and live a meaningful life with purpose. We are immensely thankful for the Founding Members who believed in our vision – Elizabeth Richards, Dr Vanessa Aitienza-Hipilito, Fifi Mondello, Dr Sandy Chong, Dr Amy Wei Tian, Don Bosco, Phd, Charlotte Goh, Alba Gomez, Dr Karen Sutherland, and pioneer members Alexander Circosta, Marina Mikula and Josh Galvin, our youngest member. These members have volunteered their time in support of The Brilliant Foundation.

From our small group based in Perth, Queensland and Singapore, we have grown our global community members to over 2,000 on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. It has been tremendous to see the traction and change we have achieved from an idea to reality.

We hope you enjoy reading the e-Book titled “A Collection of Life Stories – The Brilliant Foundation Volume One 2023” from ordinary extraordinary individuals. It is an eclectic mix curated from our website of articles, interviews, opinions, experiences, perspectives, events, achievements and moments that have contributed to the organic growth and spirit of our community and brilliant members since 2019.

The stories are not in chronological order, we have featured the individual narratives first, followed by the authors reflecting their thoughts and involvement in their passion and interests in music, books, travel, art, science, sport, multiculturalism, entertainment, mental health, culture, entrepreneurship, innovation, various events and more.

It is the doing that matters and creating an impact that is positive, encouraging, significant and meaningful. A life story represents a new culture that exists when a community comes together and creates their own tribe. It has been heart-warming to see the holistic expression of our life stories, unique culture and spirit accomplished through our members and community of The Brilliant Foundation.

Every contribution counts. Every life has value. Every life inspires. Carpe Diem

Gratefully yours,

Renée and Alrick

Dr Renée Ralph is the Co-Founder of The Brilliant Foundation and an educator at the Faculty of Business and Law, School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University and at Edith Cowan University, teaching undergraduates and postgraduate students. For over 20 years, she has worked at a senior level, publishing creative works, managing brand and communication portfolios for new start-ups and established multi-national companies. Renée's research speciality and curiosity lie in how organisations and individuals arrive at their decision point - in particular, how these decisions impact on the overall strategic cross-cultural communications, employee engagement, stakeholders, international partnerships and the wider community. Renée is a Scholarship Recipient sponsored by Curtin Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Ignition Scholarships 2023 from 3-8 September 2023 for The Brilliant Foundation. She’s a Finalist 2023 for the Multicultural Business Excellence Award; Finalist 2022 for Online and Education Communities Excellence. In 2023, she was nominated for Teaching and Learning Excellence at Curtin University.

Alrick Dorett is the Co-Founder of The Brilliant Foundation and has been in the advertising industry for the last 25 years. A Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) by trade, he is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TBWA Singapore and Malaysia,; the Chief Pricing Officer (CPO) for TBWA Asia and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with TBWA.. Alrick has been part of the transformation team and operationalising those outcomes with the companies that he has worked for. His interest lies in incorporating technology into businesses, B2B pricing, and coaching and mentoring start-ups and troubled businesses.

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