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Featuring Elizabeth Richards : An Oil Painting Artist

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

by Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

Photo : Elizabeth Richards at her Art studio

AUSTRALIA - It has been an exciting journey to have Elizabeth Richards (Liz), a successful oil painting artist to create the brand and logo for The Brilliant Foundation that we have today.

Liz, Founding Member of The Brilliant Foundation shares her her life as a mum of three kids and how she manages to find time to be an oil painting artist.

Dr Renée Ralph (Renée): “You are an alumnae of University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University? Why did you decide to complete two degrees? What did you study?”

Liz : “I wanted to study Art history at UWA, because I love Art and wanted to know all about it throughout history. I finished my honours degree in 1991, and went traveling for 3 years looking at all the Art I had studied.

I didn’t really enjoy gallery work or writing about art as much as I liked being creative myself.

So I finished a second degree at Curtin University in 1995 (I only had to complete 3rd year) majoring in Graphic design, which had good job prospects.

It was good as I learnt to use computers just as they were taking over the graphics industry. And now I use computer software for my art practice.”

Source : Elizabeth Richards Instagram

Renée: “Why and when did you decide to become an oil painting artist?”

Liz: “I have always used oil paints as my favourite medium, and I have always painted from a young age. When I had children I was able to still do graphic design jobs from home, but I also became more involved in my painting practice.

This evolved when my 3 sons grew less dependent and I had more time to paint. I started to sell my work and get commissions so my art practice grew from there.

Oil painting suits the realist high detail work that I do as it doesn’t dry quickly and allows for a slow work process.”

Source : Elizabeth Richards Instagram

Oil Portrait of Lizzie painted by Elizabeth Richards

Renée: “Can you give five tips to become an accomplished artist?” (for aspiring artist)

Liz: “I’m not sure I have tips to give...the only thing I would say is to paint as much as possible because you get better the more practice you do. It is also good to have an online presence, lots of people then see your work and for better or worse you get a lot of feedback on what you are producing.”

Source : Oil Paintings by Elizabeth Richards

Renée: “You have three children – did you go to work? Why did you decide to be a stay-at-home mum and for how long?”

Liz: “I have 3 sons, my husband and I made the decision for me to be the at-home parent. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to do this and enjoyed bringing up my boys.

I was also lucky as my profession as a Graphic Designer… that meant I could also do part time work from home, doing various small design jobs while the boys were at school.

I then began to paint and sell my work so that has just continued.”

Renée: “What are the hardest times raising children? What are the best moments?”

Liz: “It was hard when the kids were small and into everything, just being tired and waiting for my husband to come home and help. But there was always something wonderful happening as well, a new word, a hug, laughing at a TV show.

Now the boys are older (16, 19, 21) it is hard in a different way, school issues, adult issues, you never stop worrying about them. But seeing your boys grow into men and having dinner together, chatting and having fun together is great.”

Commissioned Artwork - painted by Elizabeth Richards

Renée: “What is your favourite home cooked meal made by you? Or hubby?”

Liz: “My husband Dan has taken up cooking a lot more in recent years, which is great because I am not a huge fan of cooking. He built a Pizza Oven during the first COVID-19 lockdown and now he makes the best wood fired Pizza.”

Renée: “What is your value in life? How do you see life? What is most important to you?”

Liz: “As I have gotten older I see life as short and precious. I want to get to see and do as much as possible...traveling will hopefully happen again. My family and friend are most important to me. I also value a creative life that sees beauty in the world and tries to capture it.”

Renée: “What is the balance in life? Is there any?”

Liz: “It is hard to balance everything, but I do think as a mum you cannot always put yourself last when dealing with work and family.You need to have some time to find your own joy and respect your own needs so you can be a happy, healthy and interesting person to the people around you.”

Oil Painting by Elizabeth Richards - Keeping busy - for all the Italians...lemons and limes for better times.

Renée: “Can you describe your 3 top moments in your life? If you have more what is it?”

Liz : “My wedding was great and I married a really fantastic man, who has been my friend, partner and biggest support throughout everything. And obviously the births of my three boys Finn, Rory and Dominic...can’t beat that.”

Renée : “What is your best childhood memory?”

Liz : “I had a great childhood, there are too many memories to choose from. I did always like visiting New Zealand with my family to stay on the dairy farm my father grew up on, myself and my 3 siblings got to be country kids for a few weeks, milking cows and feeding turkeys.”

Renée : Who do you look up to?

Liz : “I admire a lot of people. All the friends I have, there is something that I think is brilliant about all of them. My Dad (passed now) and my mum were/are great people who showed me a good way of viewing the world and appreciating people and places around me.

They taught me to live my own truth and not judge anyone else on theirs.”

Painting by Elizabeth Richards - Commissioned Work

- END –

Thank you Liz for creating the iconic brand and logo for The Brilliant Foundation. It is BRILLIANT!

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