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Featuring Elizabeth Richards : An Oil Painting Artist

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

by Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

Photo : Elizabeth Richards at her Art studio

AUSTRALIA - It has been an exciting journey to have Elizabeth Richards (Liz), a successful oil painting artist to create the brand and logo for The Brilliant Foundation that we have today.

Liz, Founding Member of The Brilliant Foundation shares her her life as a mum of three kids and how she manages to find time to be an oil painting artist.

Dr Renée Ralph (Renée): “You are an alumnae of University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University? Why did you decide to complete two degrees? What did you study?”

Liz : “I wanted to study Art history at UWA, because I love Art and wanted to know all about it throughout history. I finished my honours degree in 1991, and went traveling for 3 years looking at all the Art I had studied.

I didn’t really enjoy gallery work or writing about art as much as I liked being creative myself.

So I finished a second degree at Curtin University in 1995 (I only had to complete 3rd year) majoring in Graphic design, which had good job prospects.

It was good as I learnt to use computers just as they were taking over the graphics industry. And now I use computer software for my art practice.”

Source : Elizabeth Richards Instagram

Renée: “Why and when did you decide to become an oil painting artist?”

Liz: “I have always used oil paints as my favourite medium, and I have always painted from a young age. When I had children I was able to still do graphic design jobs from home, but I also became more involved in my painting practice.

This evolved when my 3 sons grew less dependent and I had more time to paint. I started to sell my work and get commissions so my art practice grew from there.

Oil painting suits the realist high detail work that I do as it doesn’t dry quickly and allows for a slow work process.”

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