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Madeleine Antoine, violinist plays The Dying Sun duet with Japanese pianist Setsu Masuda

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

by Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

So brilliant to experience the launch of The Dying Sun album - a beautiful duet with extraordinary violinist Madeleine Antoine and Japanese pianist Setsu Masuda - this original composition was written by award winning composer and Fullbright scholar, Rebecca Erin Smith.

Photo credit : Dr Renee Ralph

Left to Right : Setsu Masuda, Rebecca Erin Smith and Madeleine Antoine

Can we imagine a life without music?

In 2016, Madeleine had the vision of teaming up with Setsu Masuda, the Japanese pianist and Rebecca Erin Smith to compose a duet for a violinist and a pianist.

Both Madeleine and Setsu brought the notes to life and the sounds ached, soothed and lifted us...their music urging and moving us to preserve our world that we live in.
“We are not separate from it (our world), we are part of nature,” says Madeleine.

Western Australian born Violinist Madeleine Antoine completed a Bachelor of Music at West Australian Academy of Performing Artis in 2020. She since studied at the Prague Conservatory of Music and at The University of Western Australia. Madeleine performs with the Perth Symphony Orchestra, as a soloist, with INNEKA and contemporary bands based in Boorloo (Perth). She has toured throughout Canada, China and Europe, and featured as a soloist on tour with the WA Ballet.

Setsu Masuda started piano at the age of 5 in Japan and did training privately under late Professor Arai of Toho Gakuen School of Music