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Port and Starboard

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

What now seems like eons ago, I was on a family holiday in Los Angeles in June 2019 at the Malibu Pier, and like any other tourists, we wandered down the pier and ended up at the store, Malibu Beach Supply Co. It was my birthday and my wife bought me a pair of reading spectacles, Miklos, by CADDIS.

What attracted me to the spectacles were the words engraved on it, “Port” and “Starboard”. To be frank, my knowledge of nautical terms was limited, and a quick google search made me slightly aware. For those of you like me, this is a simple illustration.

But what struck me upon learning this, was the connection between sight (vision) and the nautical terms, both of which share the same colors.

When you visit the optometrist to have your eyes tested, you are often asked to look at something similar to the below, known as the Snellen screen. The premise behind this test is those green wavelengths of light focus in front of the retina while the red wavelengths focus behind the retina.

When looking at the red/green (duo-chrome, or bi-chromatic) chart, the patient is asked to decide which side is clearer or sharper. If the response is green, then the Rx needs additional plus (+) power. If the response is red, then additional minus (-) power is needed.

"Trusting the vision without forcing the way is a lesson worth learning in every port."
Colleen Mariotti

For me, this was a reminder for an important life lesson i.e. what is your personal vision? Do you have a personal vision? How committed are you to living it out?

A clear vision provides clarity like a map to help chart your way and choices you make to achieve that vision.

These choices will shape and affect your:

  • personal development;

  • values;

  • goals;

  • development of your skill and experiences;

  • spiritual and physical well-being;

  • family and the choice of friends that surround you

But in the end, it should help you maintain or even achieve some balance in your life.

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”
Jana Kingsford

Your vision is not a one-size-fits-all, but it is uniquely fashioned to fit you. A clear vision enables you to keep your eyes fixed on your desired objective, and it allows you to look not just at the