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Saint Valentine’s Day - How Did It All Begin?

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers. The name is based on one or two legendary Christian martyrs. Saint Valentine was a Roman priest and physician who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Claudius II Gothicus in 3rd Century, Rome.

Keeping Faith and His Loving Note

Before he was killed for refusing to renounce his faith, he sent a loving note to a child he had been helping to teach, the daughter of his jailer, and that note eventually led to the tradition of sending Valentine's cards.

He was buried on the Via Flaminia, and Pope Julius I built a Basilica over his grave. Other historians identify him as the Bishop of Terni, Italy, who was martyred in Rome, and his relics were later taken to Terni.

Terni is the city of Saint. Valentine, protector of lovers. The Basilica that preserves his tomb is an important destination for pilgrims. Annually the entire city holds grand celebrations for their patron saint, culminating in his feast day on February 14th. Due to COVID19, these celebrations will be scaled back to the family households.

The Roman Catholic Church continues to recognise St. Valentine as a Saint of the Church, although he was removed from the General Roman Calendar in 1969 due to inefficient evidence. There are several prayers made to Saint Valentine’s and here’s one of them.

Prayer to Saint Valentine

I said a Valentine prayer for you and asked the Lord above to fill your heart and bless your soul With the precious gift of love. I asked Him for sincere love The kind that's meant to stay Just like the generous love You give to those you touch each day. I prayed for love from family And from every cherished friend Then I asked the Lord to give you His love that knows no end.

Commercialisation of Valentine’s Day in America

For some cultures, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial exercise and the excessive display of materialistic gifts to shower another individual with gifts may make the relationship deem artificial and fake. For years, Valentine’s day has always been infiltrated with grand romantic overtures, from intimate candle-lit meals to rose bouquets and presents that will send hearts a-flutter.