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The Bol Olympic Experience: Tokyo

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

by Peter Bol, Olympian and Curtin University Graduate

AUSTRALIA - And just like that, the Games are over.

Even with full focus, it's hard to process the sheer magnitude of everything at once - the results, the emotions, the outstanding support, the impact, the attention we've managed to capture, and the people we've inspired.

I say "we", because none of this would have been possible without my support team. So I'll let my manager's wise words summarise my own emotions as well:

"If it's possible to be very proud, very happy and very disappointed all at the same time, then that's me right now" - James Templeton.

Proud and happy, because the great shape I've been in - both physically and mentally - is right there in the results. No gold, no medal, but I'm so proud of the way I put everything together.

On reflection, the year's delay in all of us getting to Tokyo was actually exactly what I needed. But before I get into the performance, let's all put our hands together for Tokyo and the people of Japan for hosting these Games during a pandemic that has blighted the world for almost 18 months now. The city and the country took a risk to finally crystallise the dreams and hopes of us Olympic athletes, and we're truly grateful.

I also want to try to soak up exactly how much all the encouragement and messages of support I've received from home mean to me, across all the different forms of communication and social media.

The Tokyo dream is over now, but the unreal support is already making me hungry for what is yet to come. As I look into the future, knowing I have a whole country behind me, it's such powerful fuel for the next steps in my development. I honestly can't wait!