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Celebrating My Golden Jubilee – Celebrating A Half Century Of Joy & Life Treasures!

By Christina Chia- Core Contributing Member, The Brilliant Foundation + Golden Jubilette

📸: Christina Chia, Celebrating Her Half Century Milestone.

Where did the time go? How is it that I am 50 years old? I do not even see myself as that ‘old’. I still clearly remember when my mother turned 50, I said to my 20 year old self, ‘she is old’.

But was she ‘old”? If I’m not old now, was she then?

Let me look at the time that has passed.

Reflecting back to my childhood days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I can still remember walking into class as a ‘Standard 1’ student wearing my white Bata shoes, navy blue pinafore and crisply ironed white shirt. I remember the familiar smell of blackboards / white chalk, the ‘butterflies in my stomach’ (feelings of excitement yet uncertainty) to meet new classmates.

Before I knew it, I was walking across the hall to attend my graduation ceremony from RMIT University. I felt a depth of gratitude to my parents. I remember taking professional photos in the photo studio proudly wearing my motaboat and graduation gown.

Not long after, my father walked me down the aisle as I got married. I remember the joy and love I felt when my daughters were born, and the feelings of accomplishments and pride as both my girls completed their VCE.

📸: Christina Chia

Changing circumstances led me to Australia as a single mother with two toddlers in tow, two suitcases, limited support & little finances. From humble beginnings I have worked tirelessly to create opportunities and a better future for myself and my family. I wear many hats, from a senior executive in the education sector, to a community champion who believes in the joy inherent in serving, leading, and building meaningful connections to strengthen our communities.

Fast forward, I am a golden jubilette!

I am happiest.

I am grateful.

I am happily married.

I am very proud of my daughters.

I am living in my truth.

I think age is a number.

I love my friends and the connections I have.

I have broken the mould for the next generation.

I am aware not to compare.

I see life full of opportunities.

I rise by lifting others.

I continue to learn - do better & be better.

I am open to new things and experiences.

I continue to follow my intuition & passion.

I am fitter than ever!

I am living to my true potential.

I am living my life by design.

I am living my very best life!

I am in joy.

I am me!

📸: Immaculate Table Setting for the Big-0 Birthday

My big-0 party!

I embraced and celebrated my big-0 milestone birthday with boundless grace, gratitude & joy!

Oh yeah! I always love a party! I had the best time and “Living my very best life” continues to be my mantra.

📸: Luxury

A most memorable and magical night ever!

Held at James Said (JS) Melbourne, my family & dearest friends, who are my chosen family, were seated in the spectacular European styled ambience. We were served pre-dinner drinks upon arrival and a European inspired 3-course dinner.

It was a delight to enjoy the luxurious JS furniture, statement chandeliers & extravagant interiors themed with Phalaenopsis white orchids & yellow dancing orchids, crystal candelabras & white table cloths.

It was a treat to enjoy the customised 3-tiered Belgian cheesecake with strawberry filling; pink champagne sponge with rose water butter cream & raspberry coulis; matcha chiffon with black sesame buttercream & lychee & fruit …all made by my dear friend, Huey Chew.

The emcee of the night, one of my best friends, Tony Hanlon made sure the the night flowed as easily as the champagne and speeeches from my loved ones, present and via video, filled me with gratitude and joy.

To top the night off, my daughters, Zoe and Ashley ended their speeches by getting everyone to sing a ‘rap song’ about me! WOW!

We had Chrissy Dore of Vocfrock Magazine and Lexi Zhou take photos and captured memorable moments of the night.

We had a social bouncer, David Davis to ensure all guests felt ‘loved’. And my 'door bitch', Rachael Haack made sure my party kicked off with the right glam!

We danced the night away with live music by musician extraordinaire, Ron Kingston.

And yes… being a fashionista, I had two outfit changes during the night.

📸: Christina Chia- Bespoke outfit, Asher & Archer

Bespoke outfit by Asher & Archer. My first outfit was a dress complemented with a beaded cape to start the night.

The dress was a metallic palette of gold, silver and copper to mark the celebration. Using a sheer pleated fabrication made from lurex thread, the fabric was draped in different directions to catch the light. A V-neckline drew the eye to an embellished bodice with straight-cut glass beaded strands to catch the light and flatter my frame; and a mix of metal embellishments on the shoulders made the gown shine. Being on a chilly Melbourne night, the gown was complemented with a long cape to finish the look. Asher & Archer’s vision was to ensure that I shone on the outside as much as my heart does on the inside. Deepest gratitude that it all came together so well!

📸: Christina Chia- Two-piece Couturier, Joe Halabi

Luxurious modern two-piece by couturier, Joe Halabi. The couturier created a demi-romantic two piece, looking to make a statement, without feeling like I had gone over the top. With Middle Eastern influences of intricate, hand-sewn beading and embroidered detailing, Joe created an innovative, sensual, modern, edgy & feminine one shoulder top with feathered sleeves & a wrapped sarong skirt in cream sequined fabric.

The outfit gave me flexibility and a special touch to finish the night dancing with my friends.

I felt very spoilt throughout the entire process from planning until the end of the party.

📸: Christina, Daughters and Husband Roger

Flouting the stereotype, debunking the myth, not ready to be put out to pasture, not ready for the rocking chair, but rocking with hot abs & bikinis, reaping the rewards of my hard work & achievements of my professional and community careers, both daughters driving and working, a great marriage & genuine friends - my heart is filled with deep gratitude and joy.

Being ‘Golden’ is such a blessing!

I certainly am not afraid to age – let’s continue to live our very best life!

PS: I am still celebrating – having a great birthday season and every excuse to celebrate!



Makeup by my dearest daughter Ashely who knows me best

Headpiece by Ivory & Co. Styled and gifted by Rachael Haack

Jewellery by Paspaley pearls

Shoes by Christian Louboutin & Moschino

Photo wall by Indulgence Table

Flowers by Chantelle Hamilton

Caricature by Souvenir In Love

Copyright @ The Brilliant Foundation

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