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Am I living a scripted life?

by Alexander Circosta, Social Media Lead, The Brilliant Foundation

PERTH, Western Australia - In conversation with some colleagues, discussing the usual trivial things like how there are so many Marvel movies or the absurdity of a hot cross bun in January, I found myself taking pause and realizing that perhaps I no longer had a single original thought.

How Existential!

Alexander backstage before his comedy performance.

Like scripted lines from some 90’s sitcom I was espousing a never ending cyclic diatribe about the same things I always talked about every year. Never mind it was time to order my coffee.

“Nice weather today”

“Nice to see you”

“Cappuccino please”

Alexander for Frank & Amp; Fritz Eyewear Collection

Oh no it happened again! Quick to dismiss this as simply small talk, justifying that maybe it was actually nice weather, actually nice to see someone and I actually like cappuccinos did little to soothe my existential dread.

“What!? Christmas decorations...earlier and earlier” – What an original thought!

Perhaps in my efforts to not conform to societies expectations of getting a conventional job and then living a life where I say things like “Thank God it’s Friday!” or “Friyay” I had failed to acknowledge that just because I was refusing to play the game did not mean my token wouldn’t move around the board.

For you see dear reader, in Monopoly even if I never purchase a single property, I am still moving the Top Hat (My go-to-token, it feels classy) through all the motions including the free parking, community chests and chances.

Alexander delivering his TEDx Talk at UWA.

Beyonce sings a song called Irreplaceable ( stay with me dear reader, I was listening to it while writing, there is a point)

At a live concert in 2011, she instructed the crowd to sing with her, the song is all about being taken for granted. The audience was quick to embody the role of the slighted lover like Beyonce, yet how many were quick to acknowledge that maybe they took people for granted, maybe we are not Beyonce in the song, maybe we are both or maybe it doesn’t matter.

So, I decided it was time to ditch the script.

When people asked me if the flowers I was carrying through the shopping centre were for them, I looked them straight in the eyes and said: “Yes.”

When people asked me how are you? I say the truth: “Insecure and riddled with anxiety” and then when people say “hot cross buns in January"
I quickly respond: “Can you believe we are still seeing the repercussions of the 1975 constitutional crisis when the two houses of parliament were dissolved over the liberal party blocking supply to Gough Whitlam?”

Now you may think that my actions are simply contrarian and I agree, but the next time you go through a check out at Woolworths and the cashier says: “Would you like a bag?” and you say: “I’m well thanks.”

"Take heed, my dear reader, because perhaps you may be living a scripted life".

"Be here, be now and Beyonce".

At Telethon 7 weekend, we raised $71.4 million in 2022 - I am honoured to be part of a worthy cause for children.

@copyright The Brilliant Foundation

Edited by Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

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