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Am I living a scripted life?

by Alexander Circosta, Social Media Lead, The Brilliant Foundation

PERTH, Western Australia - In conversation with some colleagues, discussing the usual trivial things like how there are so many Marvel movies or the absurdity of a hot cross bun in January, I found myself taking pause and realizing that perhaps I no longer had a single original thought.

How Existential!

Alexander backstage before his comedy performance.

Like scripted lines from some 90’s sitcom I was espousing a never ending cyclic diatribe about the same things I always talked about every year. Never mind it was time to order my coffee.

“Nice weather today”

“Nice to see you”

“Cappuccino please”

Alexander for Frank & Amp; Fritz Eyewear Collection

Oh no it happened again! Quick to dismiss this as simply small talk, justifying that maybe it was actually nice weather, actually nice to see someone and I actually like cappuccinos did little to soothe my existential dread.

“What!? Christmas decorations...earlier and earlier” – What an original thought!

Perhaps in my efforts to not conform to societies expectations of getting a conventional job and then living a life where I say things like “Thank God it’s Friday!” or “Friyay” I had failed to acknowledge that just because I was refusing to play the game did not mean my token wouldn’t move around the board.

For you see dear reader, in Monopoly even if I never purchase a single property, I am still moving the Top Hat (My go-to-token, it feels classy) through all the motions including the free parking, community chests and chances.

Alexander delivering his TEDx Talk at UWA.

Beyonce sings a song called Irreplaceable ( stay with me dear reader, I was listening to it while writing, there is a point)