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Giving Back

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

by Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

PERTH, Western Australia - The young ones gathered for the Brilliant Sundowner 2022 at City Beach last evening to hear industry and academic leaders share their lives. The weather was perfect in the still cool evening, with the sun setting in the background.

Amy Wei Tian, Associate Professor, Curtin University and Founding Member, The Brilliant Foundation stated that she didn’t plan her career in Human Resources (HR) – it just fell into her lap. “Originally, I wanted to be a consultant, in my past life, it wasn’t a HR role, I was a PA, personal assistant to an Executive and within two months, they moved me into HR. Sometimes in life, a job or career choose you, and not the other way round. I worked in a large international retail organisation, Jean West in Hong Kong and was moved up within the hierarchy rather quickly. I became the HR Director for three years.”

I asked:“ How did you end up in England?”

"When I worked in Hong Kong, China, I decided to pursue my studies in the United Kingdom". All in all, Amy studied and worked in Britain for ten years. She completed her Masters and Phd in England worked in another international retail chain, Zara, before coming to Australia.

She said: “There are two things that bring you to a new country…either a job or relationship.” Amy met her partner in England, and life led her to Perth to live and work.
When asked what was her hobby?…Amy said: “My hobby is work!”... and everyone laughed.
She said:"Enjoying family and having a child has given me a new perspective in life for me.”

Marina Mikula, Culture and Business Partner, currently works with a FMCG global company based in Sydney. She wanted to delve into marketing initially but was persuaded otherwise to specialise in HR as it was a steadier and more stable role.

Marina encouraged students to obtain an internship experience or a part-time job to understand the corporate world as it sets them apart.

Marina graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Western Australia (UWA). She worked in Perth before settling into Sydney for three years. Marina loves snowboarding, skiing, snorkelling and surfing. With her partner, they both have travelled to Hawaii, France, Croatia and Germany. Marina said: “I have shifted from a generalist role to a more specialist role and am enjoying HR very much.”