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Alba Gomez's Career - From an Engineer to a Presence & Personal Coach and Media Commentator

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

By Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

AUSTRALIA - Seventeen years ago, Alba Gomez made the decision to move to Perth, not speaking a word of English. Alba was an Engineer for fourteen years, before she decided to transform herself to a Presence and Personal Coach, First Expressions Expert, Body Language Specialist, Media Commentator and Keynote Speaker. It has been an exciting and challenging journey, embracing the Australian culture, her new home and learning the English language. In her younger years, Alba is a geek at heart, loving books and keeping to herself.

Alba shared she wanted to work with people, be engaged and help people to find a positive change within themselves. Hence, she left her engineering career to pursue her next passion in life.

Success for Alba is not defined as a monetary goal, rather, her satisfaction in seeing her clients believe in themselves and to articulate and communicate in their professional work environment confidently. In the work that she does, Alba seeks to find a comfortable space for her clients to push their boundaries to reach their potential.

Three and a half years ago, Alba appeared on the first time on Live TV. Since then, she is a regular contributor on Channel 9. It symbolises a significant milestone in her life and career where she pushed herself out of her comfort zone to grow and flourish. Alba has conquered her fears and feels comfortable presenting on Live TV. In her journey of self-discovery, she realises that she can help others to find their confident self and to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Alba is now happily married with an Australian husband for four years and both, made the decision not to have children. She misses her home where she cannot return because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Alba’s dream is to help build a school in Colombia for the children. She says the education is the key to elevate one’s life out of poverty. Instead, Alba’s aspiration is on the children of Colombia back home, where poverty and homelessness is wide-spread. With education, children are able to expand their minds and develop a skill that is essential for life.

How was your teenage years?

Alba shares:“I wore thick glasses and braces and had messy hair as a teenager. I felt geeky and inadequate and that I didn’t fit in. I was bullied at school the entire primary school and less in secondary school years.”