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The Music That Moves US

Updated: Mar 31

By Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

Right to Left : Gypsy Williams and Zoe Bizzaca, High School students performing in public for the first time with their original composition "Hear Me Out".

MOUNT LAWLEY - Fifi Mondello, Founding Member, The Brilliant Foundation, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) artists and Indigenous musicians raised over $1,000 for Foundation of Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) in partnership with Dominque and Liam Rae, owners of Local & Aesthetic. In the heart of giving, Dominique and Liam waived the venue fee hire after seeing the talented performers sang their songs and played their original composition. All funds raised will be donated to FISH.

Mark Anderson, CEO, FISH believes that when you connect the Kaart (head), Koort (heart) and the Wirn (spirit) then people are moved. We begin to see the world slightly differently and deepen our sense of what is important in life.

Dominique Rae, Owner of Local & Aesthetic in Mount Lawley believes in supporting local businesses, community and First Nations.

This was evident yesterday at the inaugural event "The Music that Moves Us", showcasing budding musicians, First Nations and WAAPA artists emceed and hosted by Fifi Mondello, Founding Member, The Brilliant Foundation.

Where we spent time celebrating music that moves us and talking about the importance of building community as together we walk shoulder to shoulder softly upon this land.

People, old and young and from different backgrounds, came together to share time to celebrate music that moves us and the stories that sit behind the music. There were even international tourists visiting who enjoyed the excellent musical event. We celebrated community and once again committed ourselves to walk together to bring positive lasting change for our community where all people feel heard, valued and honoured as we strive to make this world a better place for all.

High school student Gypsy Williams, an Indigenous musician with her friend, Zoe Bizzaca composed a new song “Hear Me Out’ for The Music That Moves Us. It was the first time the duo performed in public and were excited to sing and play for the us. Gypsy thanked her mother, Polly Wilson for all the support given to her – the love, inspiration and for making a life better for her family and siblings. Gypsy said:” Dreams do come true if you believe and work for it.”