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To Whom It May Concern | Our first year in operation— Thank you

By Josh Galvin, Pioneer Member, The Brilliant Foundation

Left to Right: Alba Gomez, Dr Renée Ralph, Josh Galvin

To Whom It May Concern:

As 2021 draws to a close, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on our first year of operation. We set out to bridge an existing gap between academic writing and the world of professionals and individuals with multi-faceted life experiences; I think we’ve done that.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Dr Renée and Alrick, our Co-Founders to create and develop the website alongside them. Being 16 years old at the time, I was totally shocked that anyone would put that much trust into me. A year down the track, I will forever be grateful for that opportunity; to be a part of something that has become so Brilliant.

: Note to self, Brilliant is the most Brilliant adjective :

The final push to get our website launched for Jan 8 resulted in an international business call at 11pm on New Year’s Eve 2020. Not many 16 year old’s can say they’ve been on an international business call- and you’re mad if you’ve been on one at 11pm on New Year’s Eve; unless you are Renée and Alrick (and me I guess), two professionals, passionate about bridging the gap and inspiring others. The initial tribe they established of our Brilliant founding members reflects their values, and impedes a lasting legacy on my cohort of peers.

Website Drafts

We’ve written, we’ve read, we’ve shared, we’ve contributed; but most importantly, we’ve connected to bridge the gap. At our last sundowner, Students from Curtin, UWA, WAAPA and Murdoch made connections with industry professionals. I too, during my final year of school, made invaluable industry connections through The Brilliant Foundation. Renee and Alrick had the hope to inspire and guide the youth to make better career choices, through the human life stories on our platform; something which along with the help of the Brilliant founding members, they have achieved.

Left: Dr Renée Ralph with Curtin University Students. Right: Alexander Circosta, Sharing his Inspiring Story. @ November 2021 Sundowner

Through LinkedIn and Instagram, we’ve been able to grow our following and build our community. You’ve seen our funky social media designs and our questionable template choices, but you didn’t let that cloud the true heart and Brilliance of The Brilliant Foundation. You stuck with us and had faith in the fact that we would establish a brand and a community built upon the same initial idea.