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United Nations Day 77th Gala : Video Clip and Interviews

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

by Alexander Circosta, Social Media Lead and Dr Renée Ralph, Co-Founder, The Brilliant Foundation

PERTH, Western Australia - Alexander Circosta interviews departing President UNAAWA, Dr Sandy Chong, VIP Speaker Dr Craig Challen SC OAM, Jamiela Sungkar, Psychologist, Dr S Zaung Nau, Chair of UNAAWA Organising Committee, Randhir Amoganathan, newly elected President of UNAAWA and Dr Renée Ralph having a conversation with our First Nations Federal representative, Dorinda Cox, Senator.

Dorinda Cox breaks the glass ceiling as being the First Nations Senator representing Federal government.

Western Australia has experienced relatively calm, law and order compared to our UN offices in Europe. The UN should be used a platform to discuss social, labour and humanitarian issues on the world stage. It represents the need to arise above testing and challenging times, to support and protect the disadvantaged communities. The UN supports the concept of sovereignty, the right of nations to govern their country and home and at the same time working towards the goal of embracing humanity as one.


Copyright@The Brilliant Foundation

Video created by Alexander Circosta, Social Media Lead, The Brilliant Foundation

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